The best alternative dining options in London

London really is a city of cultural diversity. This cultural diversity is seen everywhere and influences a lot of things with food a great example.

There are hundreds of different restaurants offering cuisines from across the globe. In this guide we give you some of the top examples of London’s alternative eating locations for a truly unforgettable experience in a city with a big reputation.

Trinity Restaurant – Clapham

We start our alternative dining examples with the Trinity restaurant in Clapham. It is six years old having been opened back in November 2006. It is located in Clapham Old town and offers a lovely dining experience both during the day and at night.

The “Kitchen Table” is a lovely feature of the restaurant. This table actually interacts with the kitchen and the restaurant holds its master classes here too. You can choice between a la Carte or a taster menu but whatever you choose you are sure to be impressed by the exquisite flavours and unique atmosphere.

Cinnamon Kitchen – Liverpool Street

The Cinnamon Kitchen is the next restaurant on our list and has a real buzz about it, being located only a small way from Liverpool Station. You can enjoy food all day in this restaurant and there is a large menu from which you can choose your dishes from. The restaurant has an excellent Indian grill and boasts fantastically inventive interior design too; giving you plenty of eye candy.

Boundary – Shoreditch

Boundary is another fantastic alternative dining option this time located in Shoreditch. The Boundary itself has restaurants, bars, guest bedrooms, a bakery and a shop too. It is actually a converted Victorian warehouse and offers unique French and English dishes which only add to its charm.

The roast meats available are changed daily and you can try a variety of game birds if you are feeling adventurous. There is even a rooftop which sports a large bar and grill restaurant for those who want to eat somewhere with an impressive view of the surrounding city.

Boisdale – Belgravia

When in the capital it might also be worth looking at the Scottish restaurants London has to offer. Boisdale of Belgravia is a perfect place for anyone who wants to sample Scottish cuisine and whether you want to try haggis or stick with a more conventional Aberdeen Angus Steak, they’ll have something to cater to you. There is also a fine whiskey selection and live jazz most evenings – providing plenty of entertainment to accompany your meal.

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